22-25 AUGUST 2023



Refilwe Moleyane

Mrs Refilwe Moleyane has been in the higher education sector for more than 14 years   as a student, and administrator in the sector. She is responsible for International Academic Partnership Unit in the Centre for Global Engagements, Central University of Technology, Free State (CUT).

She manages and administers international academic partnerships by evaluating and monitoring the implementation of projects and advising on collaborative projects. As part of the implementation process of partnership projects, she manages externally international funding such as (mobility grants and capacity building grants) to support partnerships and comprehensive internationalisation. Internationalisation is managed centrally at CUT my role is to manage the reporting of the institution’s international partnership progress and implementation.

She is responsible for developing process to support international partnership and promote CUT profile to international partners and networks. Prior my employment at CUT she was an Officer: Liaison Officer at the Office for International Affairs, University of the Free State. She holds a Master in Governance and Political Transformation degree and a Postgraduate Degree in Gender Studies and an undergraduate BA Governance and Political Transformation from the University of the Free State